Tianjin Beichen District: Accounting method "Private customization" allows the judicial service to live

Tianjin Beichen District: Accounting method "Private customization" allows the judicial service to live

Original title: "Privately customized" to let the judicial service live "I don’t know the word, the court staff not only help me write a complaint, but also to help me to make a case, really thank you!" Tianjin resident Wu Qi Niang The "private custom" service launched by the District People’s Court has a thumbs up. A few days ago, Wu Qi Niang, a resident of the new village street street street street in Beichen District, came to the district people’s court litigation hall to seek help.

The complaint window police will understand the difficulties of Wu Dafu and do not know, there is no way to write a complaint. The first time launched the "private custom" to make a case service. According to Wu Dafu, it will help the complaint, prepare the case, and will be inconvenient Wu Damai sent home.

Subsequently, the staff of the approved staff jointly entered the door to make a case, to conduct a mediator, and achieve seamless docking of judicial services and mass needs.

  In order to adapt to the multicultural needs of the people, practice judicial principle, the people’s court actively promotes the concept of litigation service, the service method reform, and focus on "two one-stop" construction, through broadening registration, the characteristics of different people And demand, flexible selection window, five models of writing cases, mail, mailing case, online case, cross-domain, "private customization", and enhance the judicial gain of the people in all directions. Focus on the needs of the masses, and there is a way to file a case. Adhere to the actual needs of the masses, respond to the migrant judicial expectations, and constantly change the model. On the one hand, the traditional window can still be selected for the traditional window of the "digital gap"; on the other hand, for the elderly, the people’s court has specially launched the on-board service, and effectively safeguard the legal law of the elderly. rights and interests. Promote the service line appellary, strengthen the judicial convenience. For a professional group or bulk case, actively implement the online accounting case, guide the parties to use the "Tianjin Mobile Microcracy" "Tianjin Court Litigation Service Network" for self-service cases; To break the regional barriers, implement the case service is handled in different places; and advocate online preservation, online guarantees, and save the cost of the parties. Optimize window reception and implement the registration of the case.

Play the establishment of small litigation windows, military, elderly, and disabled people’s priority window, realize the case of massage cases, special cases, and effectively provide special groups while improving the efficiency and quality of funding cases. Next, the people’s court will continue to rectify the activities of the military and legal team to rectify activities, with the needs of mass needs, constantly explore new models, and further forward the litigation service "Off", provide more efficient and convenient for the people. Litigation services, strive to make a "private customization" to create a bright brand of the District People’s Court.

(Correspondent Zhang Qianru) (Editor: Li Dan, Zhang Jingqi).