The 1967 people who crossed the people’s livelihood, the Guangxi Court launched a special implementation action to solve the urgent need

The 1967 people who crossed the people’s livelihood, the Guangxi Court launched a special implementation action to solve the urgent need

The Executive Work of the Communist Party of Guangxi Province Service Social Livelihood Press Conference site. Lin Yipue "We launched this special implementation action before the Spring Festival, and as the top priority of the implementation of the District Court in the first quarter, the purpose is clear, that is, thinking that the masses want, urgency, to ensure that people’s livelihood cases The right holder has achieved a winning claims as soon as possible, let the people spend a happy and happy, happy and warm New Year. According to the Executive Board of Guangxi High Counseling, in this operation, the Jiangnan District Court, Jiangnan District, Nanning, Guangxi, launched the "Spring Thunder" Action Boxing, go all out to promote special implementation actions, scheduling 2909 police officers, 442 police cars participate in implementation, providing a strong manpower protection for the smooth development of people’s livelihood implementation special action.

In order to let the applicant get the implementation of the implementation of the New Year, the Guangxi High Court has established a priority to handle mechanism. The courts at all levels of the whole district will open the people’s livelihood cases to implement green channels, adhere to the priority reception, priority, priority implementation, and implementation priority.

At the same time, we will make a fine, detaine, and announce the list of lost letters, restrict the mandatory measures such as high consumption, investigate criminal responsibility, and increase the implementation of deterrence, forcing the actor to actively perform the obligation as soon as possible. This event, the District Court announced 4337 person-times of the executor, limited to 16753 people, detained 48 people. "This special implementation action, nearly 80,000 netcranes in the district became a court ‘adelectrical executive, helping the implementation of the court." According to the introduction, this action focuses on the people to find things, and give full play to the executive command The central function effect, improve the social power to participate in the implementation mechanism.

The District Court relies on the implementation of the command center to implement the "total" "point-to-point" system to implement a full range, all-in-line online controlled control. Since the special action, there has been a total of more than 5,300 bank accounts, more than 5.4 billion yuan, 4,048 real estate, 522 vehicles, 4.6 million yuan from Alipay and WeChat wallets, and explore the strengthening of wealth management products, income classes The implementation of new types of property such as insurance.

It is understood that insistence on the implementation of goodwill civilization runs throughout the action.

Among them, for the application for executor, the people who are difficult to be implemented by the executive people, clearly requiring the property of the home, production tools, daily necessities, etc. for basic living security; for the actor, there is no ability to perform, apply The executor has been facing the people’s cases of life, and actively conduct judicial assistance, solving the urgentity of the parties; for the implementation of the wages involved in migrant workers, clearly requires the court to seize, freeze or allocate relevant unit bank account funds, strictly review the account type Except for the other special regulations, it is not necessary to seize, frozen or allocate migrant workers’ special account funds and wage marks, and achieve political effects, social effects and legal effects. Unite.

(Wu Mingjiang, Wei Sujuan) (Editor: Wu Mingjiang, Huang Wei).