South Water Transfer Middle Line Phase I water supply 3.45 billion cubic meters

South Water Transfer Middle Line Phase I water supply 3.45 billion cubic meters

Original title: Nanshi North Transfer Middle Line One Phase IFindly, 2002-2021 Annual Waterproof Plan Nanshui Middle Line Phase I learned from China South Water Transfer Group, October 31, South Water North Rotation Middle Line Phase I Project 2020- At the end of the 2021 year, the annual toner was over 9 billion cubic meters, accounting for 121% of the Water Resources Department issued the annual toroma plan for hundreds of cubic meters, creating a new high.

Among them, water supply to Hebei Province will water.

Since the water, the accumulation of 30 million cubic meters to Hebei, the 23rd rivers and other 23 rivers and other 23 rivers. In the 2020-2021 water supply year, according to the unified arrangement of the Ministry of Water Resources, the first phase of the mid-line will increase the ecological hydrating efforts, and play an important role in the comprehensive management of North China underground water super mining. From June 7th to July 8th, the Summer Ecological Million Cube, the Summer Ecology, and the Daqinghe (Baiyangdian), promoted the river, the waterfall, and the south refused horse river and other river ecological environment continued to be good.

Since the end of August, Hanjiang has a high flood in autumn. Danjiangkou Reservoir accumulated water volume of 34 billion cubic meters, more than 4 times higher than the same period of the year, and the first place in the same history since the 1969 reservoir.

On October 10, the Danjiangkou Reservoir was first spoiled to a normal water storage level of 170 meters.

Under the joint dispatching and coordination arrangement of the Ministry of Water Conservancy, the first phase of the mid-line utilizes flood resources and increases flow to the north to water, and promote ecological hydrating.

In increasing flow water supply, the total amount of ecological hydration of the ecological hydration of 20020-2021 is $ 100 million, accounting for 343% of the Ministry of Water Resources issued an ecological hydrating plan for the ecological hydrating plan. The first phase of the mid-line project has accumulated a plurality of rivers and lakes along the lake.

Along the lines, especially in North China, dry, stain, river, channel, wetland reproduce the vitality, preliminarily formed a bright landscape of river, water, shore, and beautiful.

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