Resolutely win a new round of epidemic prevention and control

Resolutely win a new round of epidemic prevention and control

  On October 26th, the city’s epidemic prevention and control work television conference was held, carefully studied the spirit of emergency TV conference on the prevention and control of autonomous regions, and studied the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control in Tongliao City.

Meng Xiandong, member of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, and Meng Xiandong, secretary of Tongliao Municipal Party Committee attended and speaking. Guo Yufeng, deputy secretary of Tongliao Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Guo Yufeng hosted and speaking.

City leaders Wang Ling, Wang Yong, and Cao Jinshan made a specific work arrangement. Meng Xiandong pointed out in his speech that the city’s upside down must unify our thinking and action to the deployment requirements of the Autonomous Region, clearly understand the current grim and complicated epidemic situation, and resolutely overcome paralysis, always tighten the epidemic prevention and control of this string to solid and efficient Powerful actions, resolutely win the new round of epidemic prevention and control

To be nervous, invest in fighting, the city should enter the epidemic to prevent and control the state of "travel", fully activate the epidemic prevention and control command dispatching system and work system, mobilize all aspects of resources and power, and fully invest in the prevention and control work.

To highlight key, accurate prevention and control, pay close attention to the promotion of information in medium and high-risk areas, and implement health management measures for related personnel, expand the frequency and density of nucleic acid detection of key industries, key areas, key places, key populations, and focus on improving prevention and control Precision, targeted, effort to achieve the best results of epidemic prevention and control with minimal disturbances. We must improve the plan, carefully prepare it, based on anti-fetition, fight for a long time, further improve the emergency plan, organize the nucleic acid detection of regional all-in-law detection, preserve the isolation, emergency supplies, and professional power, targeted Supporting the short board, blocking the vulnerability, and focusing on improving the level of emergency treatment, firmly grasping the initiative of the epidemic prevention and control. To be widely launched, relying on the masses, through the form of the masses, continue to strengthen health education promotion, guide the masses to develop good health habits and lifestyle, actively cooperate, participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic, resolutely build a convincing control, Group defense mass control front. We must strictly manage, prevent risks, strengthen, nucleic acid testing, isolation point management, hospital diagnosis and treatment, etc. must sum up lessons, strict processes, implement measures, standardize operation, and resolutely prevent cross infection. It is necessary to seriously discipline, order to order, all aspects of the city must be strengthened, fulfill the responsibility, be responsible, defending the soil, defending the soil, must not loosen, stunned, resolutely eliminating the emergence of perfunctory, dealing with differences. To make care of, busy and unrest, co-ordination prevention and control and economic and social development, good at combating simultaneous operations on both fronts, on the one hand, fully grasp the prevention and control of epidemic prevention, and implement various prevention and control measures, ensure Do not leak, can win, on the other hand, keep watching the annual target task, paying close attention to investment promotion and project construction, timely dispatching economic operation, minimizing the impact of epidemic on economic and social development, promoting the city sixth The spirit of the Party Congress has been fully implemented, forming a thicker atmosphere. Guo Yufeng emphasizes that the headquarters at all levels should enter the "Battle" state, and the working groups must implement the office, establish a college class, flat management, unified coordination, efficient operation, and firmly grasp the initiative of prevention and control work.

It is necessary to strictly and strictly implement various control measures, according to the requirements of "external prevention input, internal defense rebound", do person, material, environment, key personnel, key venues, focus links, and achieve full-round closed loop control.

It is necessary to fully prepare for prevention and control emergency preparation, comprehensive inventory of inventory isolation places, nucleic acid detection capabilities, strengthening team construction, prevention and control materials reserves, and strictly prepare it in place, and do a good job in response to emergencies.

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