Shijingshan water plant officially also reached 200,000 square meters of water supply capacity Netcom

Shijingshan water plant officially also reached 200,000 square meters of water supply capacity Netcom

Original title: Shijing Mountain Water Plant officially and Netcom Water News (Reporter Wang Tianqi) Reporter learned from the city’s tall water group, the Nanshui North Temperature Factory of Sanshui, China 200,000 cubic meters, the initial water supply is 10,000 cubic meters. After official and Netcom water, some residents in Shijingshan will drink "South Water" outside of thousands of miles, and also add "insurance" for 2022 Winter Olympics.

  Shijingshan Shui Plant started on June 12, 2018, officially and Netcom on September 30 this year. The water plant covers an area of ??10,000 square meters and invests billion yuan.

Construction projects include water supply engineering, water purification and water distribution projects, and factory municipal supporting projects. The "South Water" used by the water plant from the south-water north-made spice slim, the original water enters the water factory, has passed the pre-smell, mechanical acceleration, main ozone, quartz sand filtration and activated carbon adsorption, ultrafiltration membrane filtration, etc. 8 routine, After the depth processing process, produce tap water that is fully compliant with the national life drinking water, and then continues to transport thousands of households through the water supply source source.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the city’s water group, the advanced water treatment process used by Shijingshan water plant has built a multi-stage process barrier to ensure water supply. "Pre-add chlorine, pre-oxygen and pre-investment powder activated carbon and other multi-channel pre-treatment processes can effectively complicate the hydraulic water quality.

At the same time, international advanced depth clean water treatment processes such as ozone ozone, activated carbon adsorption, ultrafiltration membrane filtration can ensure high quality of the factory. "The person in charge said that the advantage of the process units of the water plant, the overall water treatment process chain can be combined according to the water quality of the raw water, which can greatly improve the water treatment efficiency and level. Previously, there was no large water plant in Shijishan, regional water supply Mainly through local groundwater and central urban water protection.

However, the local groundwater is high, the most direct performance is that the residents have a "water base" in the house. After the new water plant is transported, "South Water" will gradually replace the local groundwater source, and the regional tap water hardness will drop from the original 430 mg / liter to around 240 mg / liter, and the residents’ homes are used in water "water alkali". Gradually improve.

  In order to ensure the adaptability of the water supply network after switching, Shijingshan water plant will take "gradually increased water supply, gradually increased to expand water supply range". In the early days of operation, the water plant uses the Nanshui million cubic meters daily, according to the safety and stability of the pipe network, the daily water supply will gradually expand, and will eventually reach 200,000 cubic meters of water supply capacity.

At that time, the western region of Shijingshan District and the central urban area will use the water production in the water plant. The relevant person in charge of the city’s tap water group introduced that in the future, with the continuous improvement of regional water supply pipe network, it will gradually increase the replacement effort of the Shijingshan region, reduce the exploitation of groundwater resources, and cultivate groundwater sources.

With the gradual expansion of the water supply of Shijingshan water plant, the water supply of the water plant will also replenish the central city and achieve the operation of the water plant economy.

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