Tmall "Double 11" force plastic health business new ecology

Tmall "Double 11" force plastic health business new ecology

[] This year’s cat "double 11", a large number of businesses achieve leapfrogging growth.

As of November 12, there were 760 small and medium-sized brands to achieve a leap in millions of yuan from last year to thousands of yuan this year; 85 last year "Double 11" turnover 10 million yuan brand this year successfully broke through 100 million Yuan Daguan. In addition, there are 220 "old name" brands to double their growth. More and more domestic brands are going overseas … After 13 years of "Double 11", the total sales is not the most important goal, how to provide better customers Experience, more friendly business environment, healthier business ecology becomes a key to the core.

Alibaba is actively seeking, bringing long-term growth for customers to create long-term value for society. Small and medium-sized brands realize new leaps "sales is too mad! I haven’t come to celebrate, the team quickly busy urgently transferred.

"The domestic cosmetics merchant is this year ‘s third year to participate in Tmall" Double 11 ". The joint founder Shen Dong came to say that this year’s cat" Double 11 "pre-sale is less than 2 hours, and it is more than 1 million pieces. The pre-sale will exceed 10 times the same period last year. There is also a similar experience with the original design of the original designer’s brands Goliang.

"This year, Tmall ‘double 11′ sells 70,000 packages, which is equivalent to three times the last year." Guine said, "Double 11" also has driven partners’ development.

"Since last year, the market has saved the work of partners, accounting for two-thirds of the factory, allowing 1,000 workers to be busy." This year, "Double 11", a group of small and medium-sized brands realize leap growth.

"Small and medium-sized businesses are selling well, and the experience is good" is an important ruler of this year’s Tmall.

Tmall vice president blowing snow in "Double 11" to interview reporters, there are 290,000 merchants this year, 65% of which are small and medium-sized businesses, industry belts merchants and new brands, and 70,000 merchants are the first to participate in "Double 11". In order to create a better business environment for small and medium-sized brand merchants, bring greater business increments. Since this year, Tmall has launched a free business staff, return shipping insurance, etc. More than 30 merchants have dropped to the results, and it is expected The cost of the merchant reached 15 billion yuan throughout the year. In the end, this year’s Tmall "Double 11" has been fixed in 540.3 billion yuan, while driving sales growth, the e-commerce platform also drives employment growth. "We even saved a factory last year." Guoliang said, the current sales of Qigliang Jiji provides a total of 1,000 jobs for plant fixation.

In the entire "double 11" consumption season, production capacity needs to increase. "For example, we have a live broadcast of the head anchor to sell 10,000 packs, which requires 120 to 150 workers to work for a month to complete.

"Blowing, the growth quality and social value are the most important goals of Tmall" Double 11 "," We value the improvement of consumers and merchants, and healthre commercial ecology.

"The old-term sales", "Texas, chickens sales were nearly 4 times last year.

The new brand Lu Xiaoyi’s Orleans chicken legs, self-heating chicken and other new products have been loved by many ’95 ‘consumers. "Cui Wei, Executive General Manager of Shandong Dezhou Powder Chicken Co., Ltd.," relying on Tmall, the hot goods on the past green belly train "" Foreign provinces, especially the southern consumers, have exceeded 60%. "

"New product, incubation new brand, old brand brand realize innovation in Tmall.

As of 8:00 on November 11, 220 old-fashioned brands in Tmall "Double 11" sales increased by more than 100% year-on-year, including gold emblems, Guihuazhuang, Baishuang Dukang and other brands of the Chinese and Western parts of China. Sales have exceeded 100 million yuan.

  More and more young people are also popular with China’s sports brands in China. In this year’s popular skiing, camping and other new consumption, the performance of domestic products is also bright.

On November 11th, the sales of domestic camping brands Mu, Gaigute sales have increased by 2 times year-on-year, and black deer sales increased by 5 times year year. Museum Wenchuang also became a sales black horse in Tmall "Double 11". On November 11th, the sales of 8 museums increased by more than 1 time year-on-year.

Samsung Pile, Henan Museum, Gansu Provincial Museum, Suzhou Museum, Luoyang Museum also jointly joined hands, collecting a collection of treasures in various collections. Non-legacy products and joints have opened exclusive venues for the first time this year’s cat "Double 11".

"00 Post-00" consumers are doubled than the number of people than last year, and the pen ink paper has become "explosive product".

As of 10:00 am, November 11, the "antique" brand, the sales of non-affordable shops and other non-affordable shops increased by more than 140% year-on-year, and the main emotion of Hukuda Sales increased by 20 times year-on-year. According to the "2021 Non-ITS Development Report", a total of 14 non-heritage industry have over 100 million yuan in Taobao Tmall, nearly half in the county and below. China products accelerates the "Double 11" period this year, more and more overseas consumers pay for "China". "Sea Bao is changing, and the Japanese toilet cover in the past, now turns into a Chinese script.

Clean electrical appliances represented by sweeping robots, and the three-dimensional washing machine are welcomed by overseas Chinese. "The relevant person in charge of Tmall said. With the" Double 11 "to the 13th year, overseas users’ experience is getting better and better, this year, more than 7 million overseas consumers are in Taobao, Tmall buy hearts. This year" double " 11 "Start support foreign currency pay pre-sale deposit, overseas consumers can directly" entertain ", no need to find friends to pay or redeem the renminbi.

In addition, against overseas Chinese in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, this year, "Double 11" has also launched a package.

  Tmall promotes domestic products "fire" to overseas, bringing new increments for the Chinese export market. Among them, Fujian Sports Industry Belt, Cao County Hanfu Industrial Zone, Shunde Small Appliance Industry Belt, Foshan Furniture Home Industry Belt, Anji Electric Race Industrial Belt, has become the fastest growing rapid growth rate. Hong Xinglock is popular with overseas consumers this year. It has increased by 700% year-on-year through Taobao, Tmall’s sales year-on-year increase, while driving the Fujian sports industry with sea sales year-on-year growth. 50%.

361 °, Anta’s outlet sales continued to lead. Shunde Small Appliance Industry Belt this year "Double 11" out of the sea sales year-on-year growth.

Specially customized, a portable washing machine, which satisfies an air fryer that pursues the needs of exquisite living people, a multi-functional breakfast machine and other smart small appliances in the overseas sales.

The main "new brand new design" Foshan furniture home industry is also changing, and the Chinese style design and comfort quality will attract overseas Chinese.

This year, "Double 11", overseas consumers in Taobao, Tmall home 3D model room "bought", the industry with sea sales increased by 125% year-on-year.

  According to reports, the current domestic product passes through Tmall, Taobao can be sold to more than 200 countries and regions around the world; at the same time, the platform strategy and service continue to upgrade, helping Chinese goods more conveniently out of the sea, there are already more than 80,000 domestic goods for the first time, 100,000 new domestic merchants will be out of the sea.

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