The red leaves in the city green space must not eat it.

The red leaves in the city green space must not eat it.

Recently, there are many roads in the city, and the fruit of the red leaf plum is hanging on the branches. Is the red leaves? In addition, the urban green space has grown in a fold, clear vegetables, and other plants, how can these cooking? Recently, the Municipal Administration of Urban Administration invited three garden experts to answer the public from biodiversity, plant ecology and plant protection.

Chongqing Evening News – Upstream Journalist Zhu Ting City Urban Administration for the map of wild vegetation role huge high-grade garden engineers Wei Junping said that according to incomplete statistics, Chongqing distribution of more than 250 more than 1,500 have more than 6,000 species.

In the urban landscaping, the local plants are treated in the urban greening and the role of the urban geographical characteristics, and the role of the urban geographical characteristics, and reflect the role of urban geographical characteristics and reflect urban geographical characteristics and reflect urban geographical characteristics. In, it is preferred. Some of the local plants are naturally prosperous. Some are artificial greening. Most of them are in an open natural growth state after completion. There are many medicines, food, and homology of these plants. The goal. Once a certain kind of habitual behavior is formed, it will have a series of serious impact on the survival of urban local plants, the stability of ecosystem, species diversity protection. According to reports, Article 46 of the Chongqing Garden Greening Regulations stipulates that "prohibiting stealing, trample, damaging the garden plant in the city garden green space", otherwise, according to the regulations, forty-nine, 50, " The authorized department of the garden is responsible for investigating and punishing. "Behavior is seriously investigated. Feng Yilong, director of the Garden Ecology Institute of the City Scenic Landscape Research, said that there is a special ecological function of wild plants in urban green spaces. Compared with cultivated things, wild plants are completely adapted to the soil environment, and their growth is better. In the city’s special area, such as the area of ??the falling belt or slope cliff, it is extremely applicable to the use of wild plants to make ecological repairs. Many wild plants are especially wild herbs, such as dogs roots, Shuangji, white fragrant, Geo, etc. The effects of soil and water supply can even be used to repair heavy metal pollution soils, which are ideal plants resources for special area repair.

At the same time, the maintenance cost of wild plant is low, the management method is simple, and the environment of the special area has played a long-term improvement. Do not take the wild vegetation without being able to take it, can the wild plants in urban green? Chen Shuang, garden engineer, plant protection office of the city Scenic Landscape Research Institute, said that wild plants are important natural resources, and it is an important part of the natural ecosystem. There are many wild plants in the city, have a good value of edible, pharmaceutical, such as rat implant (Qingming vegetables), fern (bracken), cockroach (folded root), dandelion, capric grass, purple cloud, etc. Because these plants have economic value, they often have excessive excavation of some citizens.

It should be clearly indicated that this excessive improduction of wild plants is very unsuitable.

What harm does wild plants in urban green spaces? Chen Shuang said that wild plants are an important part of urban biodiversity, which is of great significance for maintaining urban ecosystem stability. The public is over-extracting wild plants, reducing the number of cultivated plants, while also reduces the number of raw species (some may be rare plants); excessive excavation of the soil’s thin place, disturbing the soil structure, also Reduced plant roots on soil fixation, it is easy to cause soil erosion, it has a certain impact on the natural environment; in addition, excessive excavation of wild plants will also affect the city’s landscape.

It is worth mentioning that the public’s identification ability of wild plants is not uniform, there may be misunderstandings, and it may affect physical health after misunderstanding.

The fruit of urban green space should not pick the ornamental plants in the city green space. Can the public eat? Chen Shuang introduced that the city’s park green space, road green or residential area is commonly planted with alfalfa, osmanthus, peach, purple leaf, Papaya Haitang and other ornamental plants, and some planting fruits of these plants will be fruitful, viewing leaves or views While spending, the value of the fruit, enhances the garden beauty of the city, so that the public can enjoy the plant leaf, flowers, fruit, in the busy life rhythm, and the natural breath of life in the busy life. .

But this "fruit" is a "fruit" that everyone has a total of "fruit". It is a city garden worker to provide to the public to watch together. The public should not pick it up. You pick it, you can’t watch it.

At the same time, when some citizens pick the fruit food, they will directly pick up the branches, which will cause a certain damage, high temperature and rain, and it is easy to cause pests and pests to a certain extent.

Therefore, the fruit of urban garden ornamental plants is not suitable.

In addition, urban garden plants are the main purpose, maintenance and management of watching fruit trees, and the plant fertilizer is mostly inorganic, and the garden plant management staff will spray pesticides regularly according to the growth of plants, regularly spray pesticides regularly, and prevent pests and diseases. To reflect a good landscape effect of urban gardens.

Therefore, there will be pesticide residues in the fruits of garden plants, which should not be consumed, and it will affect the health of the residents after feeding. (Zhu Ting) Summer to Yang Health Major in Yangyang Remember the most critical summer supreme, the tenth throttle of twenty-four air, usually in the Gregor, June 21 to 22.

Summer to this day, the sun is direct in the north to return to the line. At this time, the daytime time in the north and hemisphere reaches the longest year. The hottest time in one year is coming.

Under such a hot spring, how to do well, spend a summer summer? Liu Chao Sheng, deputy chief physician, deputy director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a summer season in the middle of the year, and the summer is also a "yin yang, the death" time, that is, despite the weather, but Yin The gas has begun to grow.

Therefore, when the natural ribbies are strong, they should be in time, summer solstice is appropriate. Living room: The home recovery, to meet the changes in the natural world, it is good to sleep early, from this time, be sure to sleep in the nap, and use lunch break to make up for the lack of sleep in the night. Summer isoyin, in the theory of Chinese medicine, in the nap, in the yang, the sake is in Yin Yangyang.

So as long as you can close your eyes, you can achieve a good nourishing effect. Summer is hot, unseeding, easy to feel cold and humidity, sleep, no fan is blown, there is air-conditioned room, indoor and outdoor temperature should not be too large, not good night.

Diet Help Yang: Summer to diet should be warm and light, don’t eat cold.

The summer day, the best health method is appropriate to converge, so that the inner sun is not too virtual. In the summer, the weather is hot, the weather is hot, sweating, and the Chinese medicine believes that it is appropriate to eat more sour taste.

The digestive function of this season is relatively weak, and the diet should not be easy to fat, eat more, bitter, lotus Vegetable fruit with a lot of water. Don’t be greedy, such as ice cream, ice drink, etc. If the human body is in the spring and summer, the human body is also damaged. When the autumn and winter season, when the coldness is strong, the human yang is more difficult to resist the evil. For those who have a yang deficiency, eat some warm food in the summer, such as beef, lamb, dry ginger, etc., which can help the yang in the body can improve the symptoms of winter yang deficiency.

Moxibustion helps Yang: It is often said that winter disease, summer disease, winter disease refers to chronic bronchitis, asthma, peptic ulcer, chronic gastroenteritis, frostbite in winter.

The reason why it is good in winter, mainly due to insufficient human yang, the resistance is declining, but causes the disease repeatedly.