Sinan County: "Three-Core" helps agricultural modernization

Sinan County: "Three-Core" helps agricultural modernization

The "Three Core" of Sinan County Helps Agricultural Modernization. First, to expand the scale of agricultural industries as the core, consolidate agricultural modern foundation. Continue to promote the rural industry revolution, highlight the ecological tea, ecological animal husbandry, vegetable fruit, and Chinese herbal medicines "four" leading industries, produce spring tea 10,000 tons, value billion yuan.

Planting vegetables, 10,000 mu, edible bacteria (100 million ", Chinese medicine

The level of agricultural science and technology applications is effective, and the total power of the county agricultural machinery is reached, and the equipment is 10,000 mu, the military area is 10,000 mu.

The second is to strengthen the agricultural leading enterprises as the core, build a high-rise building of agriculture. Introducing a number of key well-known companies such as the British Taikoo Group, Wenshi Group, Macao and animal husbandry, and cultivated a group of local leading companies represented by Guizhou Jiarijia Agricultural Development Co., Ltd..

Add 7 new cultivation companies and cultivate 117 leading companies above the county level. Cultivate 4 agricultural high-tech companies and 3 provincial science and technology support projects.

The agricultural product processing conversion rate is more than%. The third is to create a characteristic agricultural brand as the core, showing agricultural modernization. Strengthen industry brand construction, actively carry out the "two products and one standard" certification, realize 9 green food certifications, 3 organic food certification, 100 million farmers, Liangshan Ding, Qingling, Green and other famous brand products and well-known trademarks, "Sinan The yellow cattle "brand has been determined by the Ministry of Agriculture." Sinan Tea "was selected for the Industrialization of the Geographical Sign of Guizhou Province. The three water Zhouzhai Village was identified as a national" one village one product "demonstration village town.

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