Rich Chinese culture, the scientific and technological content is full of Beijing Winter Olympics officially unveiled

Rich Chinese culture, the scientific and technological content is full of Beijing Winter Olympics officially unveiled

  China Youth Daily Beijing October 27th (Zhong Youth Daily? Zhongqing Net Reporter Cixin / Wen Li Hui / Photo) October 27th, in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the opening countdown 100 days, Beijing Winter The Olympics and Winter Disabled Imployment Equipment were officially released in the Shougang three blast furnace.

  According to reports, the uniform equipment issued is functionally satisfied with the demand for the various working scenes of Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics. It is full of Chinese excellent traditional culture charm and aesthetics, in technology content and green. The sustainability has reached the advanced level of the industry and has been fully recognized and highly praised by the relevant professionals and the International Olympic Committee.

  Zhang Jiandong, deputy mayor of Beijing, and Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, Zhang Jiandong said tonight, the uniform is the exclusive identity of staff, technical officials and volunteers, is spreading the Olympic spirit, conveying the national philosophy, showing China’s excellent Important carriers of traditional culture and contemporary development results.

A set of lightweight, beautiful and comfortable uniforms, is an important guarantee for the success of the success, and is also the most beautiful scenery on the game.

  Anta Sports Executive Director, Wu Yonghua, vice president, expressed the expectations of Winter Olympics.

Zhu Chen, Vice President of the Uniform, and the Vice President of Anta Brand Market, and the vice president of China Textile Industry Association, Yang Zhaowang, etc., shared the design concept of uniform, producing crafts, innovation, and industry impacts.

  According to reports, this Beijing Winter Olympics staff and technical official uniforms use the "Shanhe Yingqixia" as a design concept, and the volunteer uniforms use the theme of "Rivers and Mountain", extracting the block structure circulation in the Great Wall Bricks. Elements, symbolizes 1.4 billion Chinese children and children, together with volunteers from all over the world, and builds extraordinary Winter Olympics.

The overall color is extended by Beijing 2008 Olympic uniforms to show the style of Shuangyao City.

  In order to provide comprehensive protection for staff, technical officials and volunteers from all over the world, Anta breakthrough will be super-hot and hot technology, and apply to the work uniform.

Advanced materials such as Anta hot return technology, graphene, polyefect cotton, and super duvet can achieve rapid heating, efficient heat storage, super warmth.

  Uniform equipment is one of the most charming landscapes presenting the world on the Winter Olympics and the Winter Disabled Olympic Games. The uniform equipment of Beijing Winter Olympics and the uniform equipment of the Chinese cultural elements and scientific and technological content will also become a unique Winter Olympics.

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