Religions body how to do floor sound

Religions body how to do floor sound

Wu With a key socio-economic development, we must think deeply of the Physical Education goals and values.

Therefore, the introduction of targeted several file is very strong, and now social demand for talent has changed, so we train people to adapt to a new era of higher demand.

I think the military has introduced a series of good policies, can be overcome only score, the only entrance, stubborn barrier chronic illness diploma only, only papers, etc., to improve the governance of education, promote the comprehensive reform of education, in-depth development.

Liu Jun introduced series of documents is very timely and very necessary, and further clarify the relationship between education and sports, education and health, physical education and health.

Directed against our country sports and health difficulties and pain points, some confusion for school education, made clear the requirements and solutions. Two principal must pay attention to sports school sports still room for improvement was good I especially like the military engaged in physical exercise and fitness activities.

From 1985 to now graduated from college, I exercise every day for an hour, body weight remained unchanged for decades.

In addition, since I work in the schools, I really attach great importance to the development of school sports, which to some extent does promote school sports progress.

Liu Jun do not pay attention No, do not do not do more.

In conjunction with this document, our school has also been taken to further sort out and improve school physical education and health system, and strive to the letter, quality and quantity, and actively complete the related tasks and goals.

Wu Jian school sports is still a problem the following aspects: first, the student’s health problem is still severe; second, less rigid school sports evaluation system; third, allocation of teachers larger gap; Fourth, the quality of school physical education needs further improve; fifth, school sports reform remains to strengthen the relevant policies and regulations still need to improve. Three sports into the college entrance examination system should be gradual and scientific development is the key to Wu Jian sports to improve the test scores, and even cultural studies with the same score, the need for a gradual process.

In this process, we need to focus on ways to improve its methods, its complete system, in order to carry out more scientific body of Religions.

Zeng Jun good physical education is one of the most important part of school education, is an important part of quality education, the role of physical and mental health, moral and other aspects of the more meaningful.

So reform is very important family education, everyone should strive to create emphasis on sports, and everyone regarded sports put in the situation of the most forward position. Liu Jun, after students enter high school, many parents because the pressure of studies, after weighing the pros and cons reality, they make children despise sports. If the sport into the exam, practice at this stage point of view, I think it will greatly improve the status and role of sports in junior high school education, but also caused the students, schools and parents the importance of sport fundamentally. Four and Education to achieve deepen integration policies still need to refine the landing Wu three key sports authorities need to make the transition. The first is the transformation of sports management responsibilities of children and adolescents, children and adolescents sport should assume management responsibility for the education sector.

The second is the transformation of athletes training mechanism, cultivate young athletes should be primary and secondary schools and educational integration, can not be separated from social self-contained. The third is the competition system to transform young people. Liu Jun First, from the operational level policy point of view, fully serviced with enough full-time physical education teachers should serve as a rigid requirement at all levels of government assessment; the second is sports funding into the budget, so as to fully be guaranteed; Third, venues and facilities the building, to be further defined in the requirements, but also to high standards. First, the military has been good sports, and education departments should attach hand, the integration, the full integration of sports resources within the county or bureau level range; Second, schools should attach great importance to physical exercise students outside school hours; Third, colleges and universities to strengthen professional sports teacher training efforts, so that more can take on a new era of physical education teachers to augment the primary and secondary education.

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