Right Jiang Industry Peasant Main Government Old Site is a precious striite

Right Jiang Industry Peasant Main Government Old Site is a precious striite

In the right river Memorial, "Deng Xiaoping in the Land Hall of the River", there is such a precious step stone, and there is a moving story behind this stone.

That is the summer of 1929, only 25-year-old Deng Xiaoping took the identity of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the famous Dunbin came to Guangxi, leading the total work of the Guangxi Party and the Some of the Kuomintang’s army. After the War of Jianggui broke out, the Gui system ended in failure.

In the face of mutation, Deng Xiaoping decisive decision decision decided to transfer the party’s activities to the farmers’ sports, the enemy’s power is relatively weak. On October 20, 1929, Deng Xiaoping led him to the fourth brigade of the Guangxi Guard, and the leadership of the team arrived at the second tooth pier of Pingma Town, Nelong County, and Zhang Yunyi led the victory.

Deng Xiaoping and Zhang Yunyi have been the revolutionary but never face, but it has already appreciated each other and respects each other, in order to keep the party organization secrets, Zhang Yunyi has never met Deng Xiaoping during Nanning, until this time two people second tooth pier See, the mood is extra excitement.

After 8 days of preparation, October 28, the Nelong riot officially launched, and the first shot of Baise Uprising, opened the prelude of Baise Uprising. The second tooth pier is a testimony of history. Here, because there has been this moving, unforgettable scenes, it has become a precious revolutionary site. In 2001, Tiandong County putted 480,000 yuan to repair the second toadle dock, built the Red Military Passion, Deng Xiaoping’s ride of the ship has also found and repaired in the folk, named the Red Army ship. In order to protect the step stone of the second teeth, let more tourists understand this revolutionary historical story, cherish this historical wealth, Deng Xiaoping’s first foot on the first foot of Pingma is moved to the memorial to show, and today This stone has become the treasure of the townhouse of the memorial.

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