The active enthusiasm and thoughtful service enterprise is really true and sincere to serve the masses.

The active enthusiasm and thoughtful service enterprise is really true and sincere to serve the masses.

On the afternoon of October 28, Zheng Gangjie comrades came to the provincial government delegation to review the staff of the provincial party committee. Reporter Xu Guokang takes the afternoon of October 28, Zheng Guanjie comrades came to his provincial government delegation, and the representatives considered the provincial party report.

He emphasizes that a new chapter of modern and beautiful Anhui construction will be written together. The provincial official task is significant, responsible, to be loyal, play the first, play function, service overall, service enterprises, serve the masses, strive to create the party center to rest assured, let the people Satisfactory model agency.

Comrade Guo Qiang and Yang Guangrong participated in consideration.

The representative of the meeting enthusiastically spoke, and the atmosphere of the venue is very warm. Zhu Bin, Fang Zahaoxiang, Zhang Tianpei, Bai Jinming, Jiang Qiaoxia, Wu Dingguo, Zhang Xiuping, Yuan Yuan, Yang Guangrong, etc. have spoke. Everyone agreed that the provincial party committee adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, and fully depends on the "General Secretary of China" The series of important speech instructions made by Anhui, is a great report, the foot, the earth, the realistic innovation, and the good report It has strong political, guiding, inheritance, people’s sex, openness, inspiring, and fully agree.

After listening to the speech seriously, Zheng Gangjie said that everyone knows that the in-depth, I hope everyone will continue to discuss the report of the provincial party committee with a high sense of responsibility. The results must be guilty of the past five years, facing the problem, future task initiatives To tell, we will work together to improve the report, making it guided the programs for promoting high quality development in our province in the next five years.

Zheng Gangjie pointed out that in the past five years, the provincial government has promoted the national strategy, the center work is implemented, the party’s construction is declining, and the energy level of the Anhui, the change of the position, the change of innovation, the change of the wind Important contribution. Zheng Gangjie emphasizes that the current Anhui development is in a period of important strategic opportunities, has a deep cultural heritage, scientific and technological innovation, emerging industries, ecological resources, transportation location, etc., must grab opportunities, use it.

The provincial direct organs should be undertaken, in the middle of the level, both the intelligent group and the staff, and the headquarters and the operation department. To grasp the positioning of the political organ, from the heart, the table is as one, the words and deeds are unanimously do "two maintenance", continuously improve the political judgment, political understanding, political execution, and the decision-making deployment made by the Party’s central government should smell the wind, and conscientiously and responsible , Rigorous and meticulous, be loyal to the end of the post. To grasp the positioning of the executive, establish a strong sense of ambition, strengthen the strategic power of seeking deep farms, and keep only the strength of our strength, accurate positioning, method science, measures, and grace the first episode.

To grasp the positioning of the service agency, adhere to the people-centered development thoughts, take the initiative to serve the enterprise, sincerely serve the masses, to see the problem, the ear can see the problem, think about the problem, In order to solve the problem, improve the leading cadres to visit and read the people’s letter to the system, the heart, the emphasis, and think about the presentation of the people.

(Correspondent Zheng Yan reporter Zhu Shengli) (Editor: Wu Siwu, Jin Lexin) Share more people to see.