The spirit of the 12th Party Ceremony of Shanxi Province entered the village of Taiyuan Nanhuo

The spirit of the 12th Party Ceremony of Shanxi Province entered the village of Taiyuan Nanhuo

  Original title: The spirit of the Provincial Party Congress entered Nantun Village to promote the spirit of the province’s twelfth party congress, into the countryside, on November 10th, the Nanyun Village, Tianchi Township, Nanyun, November 10, held one The world’s theme party day event invites the villagers of Nanyu Village, the national deformed adventures, the province’s 12th Party representative Yongyi, the spirit of the twelfth party congress, so that the grassroots farmers party members have better learning Implement the spirit of the General Assembly, so that the spirit of the twelfth party congress in the province has revitalized the root of the city’s rural village.

  Essence, the whole process participated in the twelfth party congress of the provincial party, and listened to the report of the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee. He said: "The report of the 12th Party Congress of the province pointed out that ‘agriculture must transform, realize high-quality and efficient development, which is very high in touch, and let me have a new understanding of the future development.

The troubles and hill eggs must have further innovation brands to achieve high quality and efficient development.

"As the Chairman of the Yunrun and the Director of the US Plant Professional Cooperative," Yucheng Mountain Drug Egg "featured," Yucheng Mountain ", has obtained the national geographic logo certification, and cooperatives have become the only certification enterprise in the city.

In recent years, more than 200 villagers in Nanxun Village and the surroundings of the villages have been in the modern planting as the main business, the market is broad, and the household has achieved more than 6,000 yuan. It has made an important contribution to the poverty attack. I have won the "National" Deep the poverty advition of advanced individual "Taiyuan City Special Work Model" and other glorious titles, becoming a typical way of practicing specialty agriculture, facility agriculture, and walking agricultural transformation.

  Essentials expressed the development of modern agricultural transformation, and improve the income of farmers in the povertygrand, requiring villagers and helping units.

As the Municipal Party Committee of Nanhu Village, the Ministry of Publicity Department has always attached great importance to the "three rural" work and resident work.

Since this year, according to the policy requirements of "four do not pick", improve the anti-iodary activity monitoring and help mechanism, close attention to "two unfair three guarantees" and drinking water safety, carry out the investigation and remediation of the problem, implement accurate help, prevent the cause The poor is poor, because the disaster is poor, because of the poor. Carry out the employment help, organize the special training of "Everyone’s Certification, Skills Society", which is both also supported and improving the comprehensive quality of poor people and the skills. Ensuring that the villagers do not fall in Xiaomang Road, which has strongly promoted the effective connection between the consolidation of the poverty achievements and the revitalization of rural residence. The Tianchi Shop Township in Nanhu Village is an important major origin of the county potato. How to make special transformation, realize high-quality and efficient development, Wang Lijun, Party Secretary Wang Lijun, Party Secretary of the Public Proclaim, will give full play to the Provincial 12th Party Representative , The demonstration of especially the demonstration of the villagers in Nanxun Village, promoting the implementation of scale planting, vigorously developing facilities agriculture, and builds "China’s good potato 山 药 药 药 蛋", " The Tianchi shop Township 10,000 mu of potato planting demonstration base has driven the stable income of surrounding farmers, and fully promotes the revitalization of rural villages with special planting industries. "The preaching of Yuri is actually actually actually, and it is very helpful to learn the spirit of the twelfth party congress in the province of the province.

"The 63-year-old party member villager Zhang Shoujing said. Country revitalization must consolidate the industrial pillar.

After the public meeting, Zhang Shouwei said that it is necessary to transfer the spirit of the twelfth party congress of the province to every ordinary villager, bring all the villagers in Nanxun Village, vigorously develop special planting and breeding industry, and strive to build a high quality and high quality, rural Lifestyle, good industry, new Nanyuan Village, rich and rich. (Zhou Wei).